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Jomtien Beach

Jomtien Beach
This 6-kilometres long, largely straight beach, some 4 kilometers south of Pattaya, is the most notable of several beaches south of the resort. The beach is popular with windsurfers and water sports enthusiasts, largely because the area enjoys brisk and fresh breezes sweeping inland from the Thai Gulf, and because the seas are less congested with boats than is Pattaya Bay. Jomtien is also a major residential area with beachside hotels, bungalow complexes, condominiums and restaurants.
Wong Phrachan Beach is on the northern side of Pattaya Bay. The 1 kilometer beach shares the same entrance as the Central Wong Amat Hotel. A quiet spot, the beach is ideal for swimming and relaxation.
Khao Pattaya (Khao Phra Bat) A small hill with an asphalt road leading to the top. From its peak, one has a panoramic view of Pattaya City and Pattaya Bay. Currently, Khao Pattaya has been developed and is now the site of the Naval Sor Tor Ror radio station. A sacred Buddha image is also enshrined on the hilltop.
Suan Chaloemphrakiat (Fitness Park) is at foot of Pattaya hill on Phratani'uk Road. This small park, covering a large area, was dedicated to commemorate His Majesty the King's sixtieth birthday on December 5, 1988. The gardens of the park boast a wide variety of flowering plants. There are also multipurpose grounds and winding trails for walking or jogging and standard exercise facilities. On any given day, a large number of people will relax, jog, exercise or simple enjoy the scenery of Pattaya in this park.

The Million Years Stone Park and Pattaya Crocodile Farm

is at number 22/2 Mu 1, Tambon Nong Pta Lai, Bang Lamung. From Sukhumvit, one turns left at kilometer 140 close to the pedestrian bridge in front of Wat Sawangfa along Chaiyaphonwithi Road (State Highway 3024) in the same direction as Mapprachan Reservoir for another 5 kilometers. This is an other popular attraction with Thai and foreign tourists. Covering a large area, the compound comprises rock gardens and a botanical of rare plants and beautifully landscaped grounds. Interesting sights include, for example, fossilized plants over a million years in age, 200-year-old Thai style bonsai, crocodile pools and a collection of rare animals such as albino bears, elephants and horses. Crocodile round-ups, magic and animal performances are also a major attraction. Daily admission from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Additional information may be obtained by calling (038)249347-9 (Pattaya) or Bangkok office, Tel: 579-5033, 941-3251-3 .

Elephant Village

situated on Pornprapanimitr Road on the same directions as Phanaraks Park and Siam Country Club Golf Course. The elephant village is a popular tourist spot for Thai and foreign guests alike. Daily performances by elephants and wild elephant round-up shows are held at 2.30 p.m. Shows last about 1 hour. Elephant jungle rides are also available. Additional information may be obtained by calling 01-2123225 or from the front desk at the Tropicana Hotel, Tel: (038) 428645-6, 428516

The Bottle Art

contains an extensive collection of more than 300 pieces of artwork contained in glass bottles in the form of well-known tourist attractions, churches, temples, palaces, ships both Thai and foreign. These creations result from the tireless efforts of Dutch sculptor, Mr. Peter Bedelais who crafted the various intricate parts and assembled them in glass bottles of different shapes. Open daily from 9 a.m.-8 p.m. Inquiries may be directed to the Bottle Art 79/15 Mu 10, Sukhumvit Road (Kilometer 145.3) Tel: (038) 422957


Bamrung Sailing and Paramotor Centre

located at Huai Sak Nok Reservoir at Kilometer 150 on Sukhumvit Highway, turn left into the lane next to the green Way Golf Driving Range, for about 4 kilometers, Look for a sign indicating the entrance. Different types of aquatic sports are available and instructions are also offered for windsurfing, sailing, paramotors, para-gliders by course or by the hour. Certificates are conferred upon completion of the course by the Royal Yacht Association (RYC), a renowned British Institution. Restaurant facilities are offered and boats such as canoes, catamarans and kayaks are available for rent The atmosphere of the reservoir is relaxing and cool. Between the months of November and February thousands of teals, swallows, and herons migrate to this area. Those interested in these aquatic sports should call Khun Burnmng Ruamsap at 01-354-4986 or 946-7859, for additional information,

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Children Day

Children are considered as the most valuable resources of the nation. They are a powerful force in the development and stability of the nation. Normally, the age of children taking part in the celebrations should be less than 14 years old. To prepare themselves to be strength of the nation, children should be industrious in their study, make use of their time wisely, being disciplined, diligent, helpful to each other, unselfish, being aware of right and duty and responsible towards the society. In addition, they should keep the country clean and conserve the natural environment and public property. If children are aware of their own future and of the nation by behaving in such a way, they will be called "Worthy Children" and the country will be prosperous. At the same time, to stimulate children to be aware of their significant role in the country, the National Children's Day was held for the first time on the first Monday of October 1955 and continued until 1963. Then it was changed to the second Saturday of January, as at this time the rainy season in over and it is a government holiday. This is still in practice today. The government has set up an organizing committee to co-ordinate with several agencies in both public and private sectors to organize the celebration simultaneously throughout the country. The objectives are to enable children to realize their importance, to be disciplined, being aware of right and duty, responsibility towards the society, be proud of their country, Religion and Monarchy, and believe in a democratic system having the King as the head of state. Every year on this day, His Majesty the King gives an advice while the Supreme Patriarch gives a moral teaching. The Prime Minister also gives a slogan. This indicates that children are the most valuable resource of the nation. We often hear the saying that, "Children are the future of the nation, if the children are intelligent, the country will be prosperous." Therefore, children should ask themselves whether they are worthy children or not. On this day, many interesting places such as the Duzit Zoo, the Army, Navy and Airforce bases, Government House and Parliament House are opened for children to visit. Thus, all children look forward to National Children's Day.

The Royal Ploughing Ceremony

The Annual Ploughing Ceremony usually takes place in May every year (but the date has not been exactly fixed like other royal ceremonies) at Sanam Luang near the Grand Palace in Bangkok. The ceremony has been performed since ancient times and designed to give an auspicious beginning to the new planting season. In fact, the Ploughing Ceremony is of Brahman origin and it was practiced even before the birth of Lord Buddha who, then a Prince used to take part in the ceremony. The auspicious day and time are to set by the Royal Brahman astrologers. Nowadays, although Their Majesties are present at the ceremony, the King no longer takes the leading role, His Majesty the King appoints the Ploughing Lord as his representative to carry out the rites. During this colorful ceremony, the amount of rainfall to be expected in the coming season is forecast. The Ploughing Lord is offered a choice of three lengths of cloth, all looking identical, if his choice is the longest one there will be rain during the coming year; if his choice is the shortest one, rain will be plentiful while the one of medium length indicates average rain. After donning the piece of cloth, called "Panung", the Ploughing Lord then ploughs furrows in Sanam Luang with a sacred plough of red and gold drawn by sacred white bulls and followed by four consecrated ladies who carry gold and silver baskets filled with rice seed. Walking alongside the plough are Brahmans who are chanting and blowing conch shells. Since 1966, the Cabinet declared Ploughing Ceremony day as the Annual Agriculturists Day. This is to make agriculturists aware of the importance of agriculture and to remind them to take part in the ceremony to bring about good luck and wealth for themselves and the country as a whole. Since then, the Agriculturists Day has been observed together with the Rice Grains Blessing and Ploughing Ceremony.

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Pattaya Park Tower ::

The First Highest Seaside Tower ANDRevolving Restaurant
55th floor the Apex Observation
54th floor the Meridian Revolving restaurant
53rd floor the Pinnacle Revolving restaurant
52nd floor the Panorama Revolving restaurant
The first and the highest seaside tower and the
Revolving restaurant located on the East Coast of Thailand.
Breathtaking View & Challenge Activities The Observation decks on the 55th Floor, Where you can stand and gaze at the beauty of the Jomtien Bay and Pattaya City or enjoy the ultimate view and thrill on our Tower Jump, Speed Shuttle and Sky Shuttle
Sumptuous Meals On the 52nd, 53rd and 54th floor- Revolving restaurants. Taste the international buffet lunch and dinner with seafood.


Pattya Park Funny Land

"Tower Shot" The First One In Thailand

We would like to invite you to have a happy time and trying the exiting activity that you’ve never done it beforeTOWER SHOTThe First one of the activity in ThailandSlalom Roller CoasterVikingsMixerAlso having Funnyable among your family with Family SwingerMonorailDemolition DerbyMusical CarouselSamba TowerOpen from 11.00 am. to 10.00 pm., daily

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Map of Pattaya

Koh Lan (Coral Island)

The Coral Island, locally called Koh Lan, is the largest offshore island near Pattaya. It is over 7 km away from the coast of Pattaya and it takes about 45 minutes ride by ordinary ferries and 15 minutes by speedboat. The beaches on the island are lined with restaurants, food shops and souvenir stalls selling handicrafts. Numerous water sports such as windsurfing, water skiing, snorkeling and scuba-diving are popular here. Viewing coral reefs thrugh glass-bottomed boats and parasailing are interesting.

Jomtien Beach

Only 4 km south of Pattaya Beach is a nice and calmer beach of Jomtien where the sand is white with blue crystalline sea water. This 6 km long,
It is recommended to visitors who seek a quieter holiday resorts for relaxation.
The former paddy fields, have turned into a thriving beach. Only 3 km down Pattaya Beach , Jomtien is highly recommended to those who seek a quieter resort, where the golden sand, bright sun and blue clear sea are always pleased to welcome all vacationers. It is a good place for relaxation with modern comforts and accommodation. Its long straight coastline of 6 kilometres with a fringe of oconut and palm trees offers vacationers pleasant atmosphere for relaxing and viewing the sun setting in the sea. Its calm sea is also suitable for swimming and playing all kinds of water sports for the whole year.

Pattaya Beaches

Some 4 kilometers long, this beach faces Pattaya Bay, the major venue from where boats visit Pattaya's offshore islands. The beach curves from north to south and is largely paralleled by a tree-lined promenade and beach road which is lined, in the northern and central parts, by hotels and restaurants.
The northern section of the beach is largely tranquil, while the central and southern parts become increasingly lively with shops, department stores, boutiques, beauty salons, supermarkets, bars, discotheques, restaurants, etc.
The central area of the beach is a major shopping area, while the southern end is one of Pattaya's major nightlife areas.

All Hotels In Pattaya

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pattaya park

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Pattaya Shopping Malls

Air-conditioned malls, superstores and supermarkets are thriving in Pattaya, making it simple for most tourists to find products like those they would encounter back home. Top of the list is Royal Garden Plaza (Beach Road, between Soi Post Office and Soi Pattayaland 1): a gleaming upscale mall with three floors of trendy boutique clothes shops, chain stores alongside chemists and fast food outlets.
Nearby, Mike's Shopping Mall (Beach Road between Sois 11 and 12) is a rather run-down retail labyrinth, featuring shops, a department store, and lots of bazaar stalls selling fabrics, cheap shirts, shoes, belts and souvenirs. Coming soon to an area opposite is 'The Avenue'(Second Road, opposite Soi 11), a swanky street currently being constructed and that's destined to be lined with upmarket boutiques. See 'Malls, Superstore and Supermarkets'for a comprehensive rundown of Pattaya's big league shopping, and where to find it.

What to buy and where to buy in Pattaya Beach

For souvenirs, beach essentials and tack, hit the beachfront stalls which line the southern stretch of Beach Road (south of Central Pattaya Road). Open all day and late into the night, goods here reflect a diverse array of enthusiasms: fake football shirts, surf shorts, bikinis, flick-knives, ethnic crafts, Buddha statues, rude T-shirts, hardcore porn DVDs, stun guns, and even samurai swords.
Here and along nearby Sois, the space not taken up by beer bars, restaurants, banks and convenience stores, is filled by travel shops, tattoo parlours and tailors. Usually loitering with let-me-sell-you-a-cheap-suit intent is a savvy Thai or Indian male vendor with a canny gift for guessing where you hail from and greeting you in your native idiom: “Alright mate!', “G'day!'etc, etc. If you decide to get measured up, go for at least two fittings and don't confuse good price with a good quality end-product.

Everything you need to know about Naklua & Wong Amat

The northernmost tip of Pattaya Second Road, where it meets North Pattaya Road, marks the end of Pattaya Bay and the start of the area known as Naklua. To reach it, just head north from the distinctive dolphin roundabout.
The name means 'salt fields', in reference to the predominant occupation of the area before the rise of tourism 'salt farming.
Today, it still has the air of a village, with some old houses, narrow streets, traditional noodle shops, temples, a fishing pier, and many locals. Slowly that is changing, however, with many condominium blocks now in the area, and lots of hotels and restaurants too.
The area's most distinctive features are definitely its small intimate beaches, including Wong Amat and Naklua Beach, as well as the outdoor architectural museum, the Sanctuary of Truth. With Pattaya largely dedicated to single travellers and couples on package tours, Naklua makes a great alternative for families.

Greater Pattaya City

Greater Pattaya City boasts an abundance of clean, sandy beaches. These are ideal places for simply relaxing on a deckchair or swimming through clear blue waters. However each also has its own unique flavour and appeal. Some like Jomtien Beach are perfect for watersports, while others like Naklua and Wong Amat are serenely quiet, perfect for those seeking solitude.
And then there’s Pattaya Beach. Buzzing and vibrant, this incredibly famous and enduringly popular stretch is a whole different story: a cosmopolitan seafront in which it’s possible to enjoy all of the above, plus pretty much every modern convenience and luxury known to man. World-class shopping, restaurants, clubs, bars and hotels in addition to sun, sand and sea - Pattaya truly has it all!
Discover all you need to know about each beach in these seperate area guides.

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Learning thai Free

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Pattaya Travel

An internationally well-known seaside resort, Pattaya is a vibrant city night and day. Its population is a colourful potpourri of mixed nationalities from near and far. A vast range of tourism-related activities await the pleasure of visitors, from relaxing on the beach, actively taking part in land and sea-based sports to visiting the scores of attractions in and around Pattaya.